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Anna Margaux / CEO of A CLOTHES MIND

Anna is a Houston, Texas native. In September 2001, she moved to Southern California to pursue her destiny in fashion. In 2014, Anna returned to the Houston, TX area where it all began. Anna's passion for fashion design has been a part of her family for many generations. A Clothes Mind was established in 2005 as an online clothing boutique which showcases two of her very own clothing brands entitled "Solace" and "Margaux Kouture". Solace launched in 2003 was birthed so that women can feel comfortable in being able to express & wear their feminine qualities. Her latest clothing brand "Margaux Kouture" which launched in 2011, demonstrates her brilliance for high fashion clothing styles which includes evening gowns and party dresses that exhibits glitz and glam.

Anna has been designing women's clothing for a number of years and takes pride in expressing her God given talents. Her desire to express her individuality with a unique style and flair sets her apart from the competition. Her styles exude unique and classiness which caters to the feminine essence of a lady.

Anna Margaux, has participated in a number of runway events including Kiss the Curves in the Bay Area and Full Figured Fashion Week in New York City. In 2013, Anna Margaux collaborated and produced her very own fashion show with Rolling Out Magazine in Los Angeles, CA.

Anna has dressed the sought after keynote speaker and advocate for the plus size community, Chenese Lewis who was also an actress on BET’s hit show “Hell Date”, Kendra C. Johnson who is best known for her starring role in the independent feature Phat Girlz, a recurring guest on BET’s hit show “The Game” and currently an actress on Tyler Perry’s hit show “Love Thy Neighbor” as well as many others. Her designs have been featured in Magazines such as Plus Model Magazine and Skorch Magazine, blogs such as The Curvy Fashionista and SF Examiner as well as various known blogs, also seen in Vogue Italia and on television's Entertainment Tonight's Insider. There is no doubt that Anna knows exactly what it takes to be a star both on the red carpet and in life.

Desi Munzon/ CFO/Media Relations of A CLOTHES MIND

A native of Long Beach, California, Desi attended St. Anthony Catholic Elementary and High School. She is currently pursuing a degree in Human Resources. She became part of A Clothes Mind; in 2009 and manages the operational aspects of the business. The demands of supporting an emergent designer, who specializes in “one-of-a -kind” pieces is a challenge and keeps it exciting. Desi values the “boutique” experience that “A Clothes Mind” conveys and truly enjoys the variety of the day-to-day functions.

Desi thrives in high volume, fast paced environments. Her expertise is in organizational development, focusing on recruitment and employee retention. Her background consists of Branch Management for Executive Firms to Training, Development and Management for high- end retail companies. She also has a background in IT and serviced/trained for companies while living in Florida. Desi has a “keen” sense for business and demands an effective workflow. Her incalculable knowledge in operations, results in successively leading an organization in attaining its goals of excellence.

Fashion is not foreign to this Corporate Executive! She was first made aware of her logic for fashion at the age of 14. Desi's fashion wisdom has evolved from the punk-rock era of the 80’s, to the sultry trends of the hip-hop industry. Desi is always conscious of what fashion statement she presents. Although she prefers the classy, timeless ensembles, she does have her moments where the “Diva” in her makes itself known. Desi finds it inspiring to witness creativity at its best and to be part of an emerging phenomenon, deriving from a woman’s desire to look different, stand-out and make a statement.

Alecia Taylor/Brand Ambassador of A CLOTHES MIND

Alecia Taylor is a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Entrepreneur, Runway Model, Face Model, Model Scout, Pose Coach, Magazine Publisher and Project Director of many endeavors.

Alecia’s interest in fashion started at an early age as she would watch her grandmother match colors and patterns perfectly with makeup, purse in hand and shoes to die for. Alecia’s grandmother would strut in a room full of Church goers, who admired every detail. It was her confidence that made her entrance unforgettable. Her grandmother’s words still echo in her mind today, “People will not remember your contribution’s; it’s your strength, courage and pride that will confidently speak volumes.” Alecia’s charisma and individuality is what has made her stand out from the rest.

In, 2009 Alecia’s natural confidence and sexy femininity was immediately apparent when she entered a Runway Contest in late December for Nzuri at the NRG stadium, in which she won 3rd Place. From there, Alecia knew that she LOVED the feeling of being accepted as a Plus Model. She was eager to get involved and practice everything she needed to know just to pursue such a dream. A few photo shoots later, Alecia began to enjoy the entire process of trying to catch the eye of major model scouts and modeling agencies, that wasn’t afraid to put an “older” yet very confident plus model on the cover of their magazine.

After submitting photos, entering casting calls…. just to be rejected due to age and agencies only looking to market the “perfect plus” model on their covers; Alecia then began to specialize in model training, development and management . Alecia formed a solely funded platform, where no one would be rejected, due to size, gender, race, modeling credibility’s or lack of accomplishment’; standard’s given by most in the industry. Alecia felt that if a person was confident enough to pursue his/her dreams, who is anyone to say they aren’t qualified?

In the year of 2014, Alecia created a display of some of Houston’s most confidently beautiful models in one incredibly “stunning” single calendar entitled “Officially Thyck”; under the brand name of “Ladies of Amber Essence.”

Alecia’s latest project, BIEN ROULÈE Style and Fashion Magazine, debuted January 2016, was created to showcase and build a platform of talented fashion designers, stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists, bloggers, article writers and columnist. BIEN ROULÈE Style and Fashion Magazine is an upcoming online Magazine for all body types, unique style’s and bold Fashions where its first digital copy online gained over 8000 views.

Alecia has dedicated herself to fostering emerging talent and helping to empower her clients with the self-confidence that comes with an individual style. She is Alecia, beautifully human and confidently made.

"It's A Diva's World, Walk in Your Destiny & Rip Your Runway....!"
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